9 Unique and Unusual Ways to Display Your TV

A television set speaks up in a room far more than we think. It is not only coming into use when it is turned on but also when it isn’t. The screen itself is a design element and should be used to the fullest capacity to accentuate the look of a room. Here are 9 ways to make your TV set the star of the room:

1. Mounted over fireplace – Place your TV set over a fireplace while maintaining size ratio of both. The fireplace will have a bright and fluid look while the plain black screen of the TV will add a classy and calm effect.

2. Decorate the space – All your smaller paintings, postcards and pictures are a message when they are scattered but when they come together they can become a piece of their own around a mounted TV.

3. Shelf it – Got a small TV and a lot of wall space? Worry not, use the space above the TV for full shelves and the space next to it for half shelves. Use the extra space and fill it with showpieces, books or whatever suits your design fancy.

4. Bathroom luxury – Live your luxury dreams by watching TV while taking a relaxing bath. A bathtub and a TV screen have never looked better together.

5. Entertainment center stand – Entertainment centers are an aesthetic way to create a niche out of nothing for your television and other media devices.

6. Artistic skin – only left with a pesky location for your TV? Hide it behind your favorite art work, save the look of your room while keeping the TV’s functionality.

7. Spotlights – Keep your living rooms lit to the mood with dim lights and soft shadows while your TV has spotlights pointed from the top creating a dramatic effect that will last.

8. Built in spaces – nothing says sleek like a TV placed in it’s own niche that goes seamlessly and gives the effect of an endless wall.

9. Swing wall mount – We don’t just use one part of a room, so why should our TVs be visible in only one direction. Mount your TVs on a swivel arm and get the flexible entertainment you deserve.
Now that you’ve got the ideas it’s time to decide which look is meant for your living space. Your TV and living room are waiting for the marriage of a lifetime so get designing!