How to Make a Huge Impact With Multiples

Want to know a powerful design secret that can make a HUGE impact in a room, is easy to implement and can work in absolutely any style of home design, ever.  The secret is using multiple items of one type of design element, and the power is in the presentation. We’ve got the tips for using this décor secret.

Another great thing about using multiples. It’s a way to make a big design impact without having to shell out the price for one large design item, using multiples of smaller items can carry more ground and carry more design weight.

What’s the difference between a collection and a perfectly arranged set of multiples?  Well a collection is more focused on itself deftly picked multiples are all about increasing the awesome of the room they’re in. A collection usually has a theme and a special meaning to the collector — a set of multiple items can be just about anything. And the multiple trick tends to have less parts than a collection, making it a great option for those allergic to too many small things in a space.

So why is this trick so easy to implement?  Because using multiple items doesn’t require a ton of matching or a lot of thought, if you have something you like, just get several more like that (or just slightly different) and be intentional with your placement and arrangement (this look tends to work really well as a uniform line or grid, but of course there are exceptions).