Functional and Stylish Wall-to-Wall Shelves

Shelves are very important in each home, workplace or a shop. You can easily view different types of shelves at various places. However, we are going to present you some  wall shelf ideas that you would  enjoy. These wall shelves can be made on any wall of your place. You can also amend the design as per your choice. You can choose any sort of material for making these stylish shelf concepts. These shelves are very useful and anyone of your can make all of these without having a stretch. These shelf ideas are so economical to make at home.

You can create a wooden pallet shelf in which we have used metal pieces to make it more useful. It contains three sections on which you can put various items like books, small plants, decoration pieces etc. We have used a big wooden pallet to make the lower shelf section.

A wonderful wall shelf which you can create with wooden pallets and thin ropes. You can easily dangle this wall shelf at your living room, drawing room or any other place. It contains three wooden pieces of same size on which you can put small or large pieces.

Moreover, it can add modern illuminations top shelves, to show the sparkling touches of decoration, a set of colored and white led kind illuminations that give a touch of genius, and at the same time are providing electricity, as you can add some plant containers and vases on Racking up to help decorate the room.

In the kitchen you can add gadgets that have bright colors to be angling for the eyes, on the other hand, there are forms of jagged walls, shelves and there’s a bunch of shapes designed by brilliant engineering designs, and you can choose which suit your taste, you can paint the shelves with the same paint colors The walls and the same colors of the decoration in the room so that the decoration is complete.